NYFW: Part I

Note: In real life, there is not much of a height difference between us.

Dinner: Katsuhama- 45 W 55th Street

I’m a sucker for anything pickled.

Best Chicken Katsu I’ve ever had.

Topshop: Definitely worth the hype. A San Francisco location needs to open immediately!

Lunch: Caesar Salad and a cheeseburger

Tall, beautiful, and fashionable women everywhere in New York.

Please excuse the quality of these images. I was merely using an old point-and-shoot and my handy dandy iPhone. There are two things I took for granted before this trip, Tyler’s photography skills and his camera in general.

Anyhow, the first day and a half consisted of shopping, eating and sightseeing. As my sister and I strolled (more like power walked) through the busy city streets, I couldn’t help but to compare the sights to movies I’ve seen in the past about the Big Apple; the architecture, the sea of yellow taxi cabs and the mass amount of people in a rush to get somewhere. The one thing I did not anticipate was the humidity and man was it WET. You would think I would be used to a moist environment because San Francisco is a chamber of mist, but warm, sticky air is truly SOMETHING ELSE. Part II will be posted soon, you’ll start to see my face melting off as I dig deeper into what New York Fashion Week is truly about.

09. September 2012 by Kate
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  1. ^_^ power walk!!! and such awesome food!! what id not give to be in NY right now :D

  2. how exciting — looks like you are having a great time!

  3. Great pictures! Love the button down shirt

  4. your pics make me miss new york so much! x

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