Fashion Night Out #OOTD @ Saks Fifth Ave.

The woman of the hour: Becky looking fab.

Best buds.

Day of the show- The crowd in the “Box,” Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

In line for the show: Samantha of Could I Have That? and Krystal of This Time Tomorrow.

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The blogger’s corner.

Tennis opened the show…

….along with DJ Cassidy

Again, my apologizes for the crappy camera work.

Track Olympian, Sanya Richards-Ross

Snagged a picture with everyone’s favorite blogger, Blair from Atlantic-Pacific.

Anh from 9to5 Chic

Julia from Gal Meets Glam

Ava from Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York

Waiting for the show to begin. Thanks for everything, Sam!!

Whew, you must be winded from all that scrolling. Take a breather and read on.

Fashion Night Out at Saks Fifth Ave was a blast! It was packed with fashionistas and fellow fans of Rebecca Minkoff. The music was blaring and the energy was contagious. From across the room, I saw the tall, brunette designer. This was the moment I had been waiting for. Hesitant in the beginning, my sister nudged me in the right direction and that was all the confidence I needed, it was now or never. I pounced, “uh, hi, I’m Kate…[@]hey_im_kate, I won the uh, Instagram contest…” She looked at me kindly, “Oh, Hi!” Nervously, I quickly asked for a picture and she was more than happy to abide. Before I knew it, I had the picture and I could fly back to SF a happy girl, but not before I Instagrammed my success.

Oh yeah and then there was the actual reason I was there, the Fashion Show. Now this is where I started to feel the heat, literally. Sweat was dripping down my face as we rushed to the Lincoln Center. The mass amount of gorgeous people was intimidating and it was really the who-knows-who’s of fashion. As my sister and I were waiting in line, in front of us was Krystal Bick of This Time Tomorrow. I immediately recognized her military jacket and hot rod Prada heels. I asked for a picture and she introduced me to Samantha from Could I Have That? Not expecting Krystal to engage in conversation, I was caught off guard when she asked about my blog. Blogging still feels so fresh, that I sometimes forget I even own one.

After chasing down my favorite bloggers for pictures and probably making them believe I was their #1 stalker, it all started to sink in that I just saw my first runway show. The atmosphere was something that of a concert, I felt the music through the floor and everyone held up their phones, snapping pictures like they were waving lighters to the beat of the song. The show was exactly how I thought Minkoff would throw a party- full of celebrities, good music and leaving the crowd wanting more. Now, I know runway shows aren’t supposed to be long, but when the lights turned on my sister and I looked at each other and said, “that’s it?” Traveling nearly 3,000 miles for three days was entirely worth the ten minute show and the experience that came with it, a big thanks to my mom for funding the trip.

And this is what New York Fashion Week will do to you.

10. September 2012 by Kate
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  1. Hahaha! You are too cute and I am so glad you had a great (yet crazy) time! I feel the same way, I have been home for about 4 days and still exhausted from thinking about it! I love all you pics and hope to see you soon girl! Let’s get drinks and dish about our trips!!

    <3 Amanda

  2. I love it Kate! Hahahaha i feel i would have done the same, a collection of pictures with my favorite bloggers!! You had such an amazing time and experience! I’m super duper happy looking at this and reading your post!

  3. Looks like your trip to NYFW was a success!!! So cool you met Sam from couldihavethat!!! She is the sweetest :)

  4. GF, I was loving all your IG pics! Super happy on your fab win, amazing experience and hope you do it again next year! ;)
    x carlina

  5. So happy you got to experience the craziness! Happy I got a chance to spot you after the show and give you a big hug! xo

  6. Love all the photos. Seems like you had an amazing time. And I’m very jealous in a good way :)

  7. Wow you looked so stunning, just glowing! What a wonderful experience for you! Yay! I recognized all the Bloggers and I must say I have never seen Blair without sunglasses! I follow her and Samantha’s blogs.

  8. Sounds like an amazing time!!

  9. Great post!! Love your look

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  11. Reblogged this on Tamiris Martinse comentado:
    Gentemmmmmmmmmmm! Olhem só essa camisa sem manga com aplicações na gola! lindo demais! e essa calça estampada com corações! Estou in love com este look!

    Beijos beijos, Tamiris.

  12. you really pull off fancy print pants – looking fab!

  13. Ah! I’m so excited for all of your NYFW experiences and a little jealous too (but only in a good way). I love that you chased down those amazing bloggers and got photos with them, I would’ve done the exact same thing, nervousness and all! Congrats again on winning the Instagram contest :)

  14. WOW! Love your trousers in all your pics! You are beautiful! Thanks for sharing this with us! XOXO

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