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 Target Maxi Dress, Zara Jacket, Rebecca Minkoff Bag, Freda Salvador Boots c/o


A security guard standing outside of a storefront shouted, “smile!” as I was walking by. This is not the first time I’ve gotten that remark and I am always caught off guard when I hear it. I wasn’t in a bad or sad mood, I was just walking to my next destination. I’ve realized that my resting face naturally looks b*tchy glum. So if you see me walking down the street with a stank face – I’m not mad, come say hi! 



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08. April 2014 by Kate
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Comments (30)

  1. Your outfit is gorgeous!

  2. Denim jackets pair so perfectly over a maxi dress!


  3. I love this outfit so much!! The striped maxi, the denim jacket and the cut out booties are all SO perfect together! You look gorgeous!

  4. target maxi!? i need to go get it!!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  5. Hahaha I’ve been told the same thing about my non-smiling face!

  6. I’m obsessed with black and white stripes..love this look! What lipstick are you wearing?

  7. Stunning! Love your shoes and dress. And your EYEBROWS ARE PERFECTION!

  8. LOL. Nice. I love that. =)

  9. Haha I’ve been told that my resting face is the same! It’s hard, especially when you don’t even realize that’s what you look like. I love stripes and denim together!

  10. I get that all.the.time. I call it my “perma-frown” hahaha.

    Kristina does the Internets

  11. Love maxi dresses! They’re the perfect outfit to throw on and just go.

  12. That maxi dress is perfect and looks so amazing with the jeans jacket and the shoes. Love the combo. Do you have any favorite places in SF for your outfit photoshoots? Or do you have any great tips/ideas for me? Thanks in advance.
    I wish you a fabulous day.
    xo, Petra


    • hi petra! i don’t really have any favorites, but downtown/financial district (on the weekends) and pacific heights are nice because there is shade and not a whole lot of people around. feel free to email me if you have any more questions. have a great time! xx

  13. Target maxis get me every time! Love this outfit. I know what you mean about the face, I do it all the time too..whoops.

  14. My mother tells me I have chronic bitch face, even though I’m generally a very happy person! So don’t worry, it happens to the best of us;) But this look is definitely a go-to of mine. Can’t go wrong with a maxi and denim jacket!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  15. Love this outfit! Everything looks so effortless. I stumbled onto your fashion blog and I’m just hooked, adore your chic style.

  16. Love this! That dress looks awesome on you!


  17. I love your outfit! I need to try something like that.

  18. Great dress! Looking good as always.


  19. I love this look! I also have the same walking face — I look mad, but I never am! XO


  20. You just summed up my life. I too am afflicted with bitchy resting face. When people tell me to smile, it really just annoys me so then I look even more bitchy.

    ~Sarah of Sarah’s Real Life

  21. you do look great when you smile! love that maxi.

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