Yes, petite girls can wear midi dresses (and skirts!). This may not be true for everyone, but when it comes to my body type, I find them more flattering than mini/above-the-knee styles. My shape is what the industry would call “athletic” …minus the athletic part. I don’t have much of a waist and the width of my shoulders and hips are about the same. Midi dresses work well with my straight silhouette without drowning me like some maxi dresses do.  This year, I’ve accepted the fact that it’s okay to stick to a style that I feel good in and for me, that’s mid-length dresses. Here’s a roundup of pieces I want (or own) and why:


  1. Long Slip Dress: This has to be one of my favorite dresses. The quality is awesome and the fit is spot on. See my full review here
  2. Black Floral Slip Dress: Last year, I probably would have thought this dress was too ’90s. This year, I’m all about bringing “as if” back.
  3. Tiered Stripe Midi Dress: Classic, lightweight, and perfect for almost any summer occasion. 
  4. Asymmetrical Ribbed Jersey Dress: This dress packed super well on my trip to Austin. It didn’t take up much space and was thin enough to keep me cool under the Texas sun. 
  5. Calf-Length Jersey Dress With Shoulder Ties: Because I can’t get enough grey and the shoulder ties add a sweet surprise.
  6. V-Neck Dress: While it’s a bit more girly than what I normally gravitate towards, the deep v-neck and strappy back gives it a little sass. 
  7. Pink Pleated Skirt: When I wanna switch up my jeans and tee look, I swap out my denim for a pleated skirt. See how I wore a similar skirt here
  8. Jersey Dress With Ties: I don’t own this dress (yet), but I love how the fabric reads “sporty,” while the cut and ties say, “picnic-ready.”
  9. Adia Stripe Dress: I had so many people inquire about this striped jumpsuit, that I thought you guys would like this dress too!
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