It’s just started to feel like fall and I’m already dreaming of a tropical vacation. So while I’m currently bundled up in San Francisco, I decided to roundup some vacation moments to stay mentally warm. The Hawaiian Islands are one of my favorite places visit because of the soft beaches, comforting food, and laid back atmosphere. I’m looking forward to by next trip, but until then, see my tips on what to wear (and do) in Hawaii:


What To Wear In Hawaii: Swimwear



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Invest in bikinis that you can mix and match — like a patterned top and solid bottom. You’ll get a lot more wear  out of them (for years!) by simply swapping your swimwear separates. Obviously, it’s easy to do with neutrals, so if you’re craving more color, start with a printed top and identify an accent color — then find a pair of bottoms in the same hue. 

If your vacation is filled with snorkeling and hiking, try a one piece suit. Not only do they stay put during a day of activities, they act as a bodysuit — hello, high-waisted shorts and skirts.  

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What To Wear In Hawaii: Sunset Sail

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For a booze cruise sunset sail, I prefer a shorter hemline since they’re easier to navigate in than a maxi or midi. Don’t forget to choose a shoe that easily slip on and off (many excursions require you board the ship barefoot!). 

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What To Wear In Hawaii: Exploring The Town

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For evenings out, I tend to get a little more playful with my outfits. There’s something about those Mai Tais. I pack prints, ruffles, and pieces I can wear a few ways. I get a ton of wear from those yellow pants see how I wore them the second time on the trip. 


Check out some of my past Hawaiian adventures below!

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I can’t wait for my next trip Hawaii! Next time, we’ll have to visit Maui — it’s been about 10 years since I’ve been and it’s time for refresher. If you’re headed to the islands soon, check out these posts from my past travels.

Hawaii Outfit Ideas